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West Austin Studio Tour

May 12-13 & 19-20

I will be opening my studio at 2108 Arpdale St. 78704

This Tour I will be visiting my past - showing older pieces that led to my current work

My work comes from an intuitive process - it is unplanned, there is no vision of the end in mind.  I work with my non-dominant (left) hand which allows me to draw in an unpracticed manner, with less fixed intention and control.




Koelsch Haus, Houston, TX

801 Richmond Ave
Houston, Texas 77006
(713) 862-5744
-  Exhibition dates: February 17 - March 31, 2018

The exhibit is a group show titled Ears of Buddha: Mystical Powers, after which my father, Philip C. Koelsch, named his memoirs. He wrote numerous short stories about experiences he had throughout his life, highlighting his time during and after WWII.
After the war, he became an aide to an Admiral and included with their diplomatic duties, a fleet would tour the South Pacific making sure the area was secure. On one of the visits, my father spoke about the locals fussing all over him. He could not understand why and it made him uncomfortable.
An older woman told him that he had 'Ears of Buddha' which meant he had mystical powers.
Reading my father's story, I thought it would be interesting to see what artists would create with this theme. It inspired me to create a shirt line named Ears of Buddha which reconnected me
to my days in fashion. The upcoming exhibit is about memories of the past and hopes for the future, personal stories of family and creativity.
~~~ Franny Koelsch

artists - Sally Bennett, Jen Blazina, Claire Cusack, Beverly Floyd, Peter Grieve, Katie Maratta, Susan Plum, Ellen Frances Tuchman, W. tucker, Tad Lauritzen Wright



grayDuck Gallery, Austin, TX:

Photo/Montage 12 x 12

A project by Rino Pizzi with: Teresa Elliott, Michael Anthony Garcia, Maya Lawrence, Catherine Lee, Emily Little, Graham Reynolds, Shawn Smith, DJ Stout, w. tucker, Peggy Weiss, Steve Wiman, Robert Ziebell

  • Opening reception: Saturday, February 24, 7-10pm
  • Exhibition dates: February 24 - April 1, 2018

Photo/Montage (12x12) invites established, local artists to step out of their usual boundaries to engage in a complex dialog with a given concept. Each participating artist worked with the same set of twelve prints from Pizzi's recent photography to create a unique collage/assemblage using at least one element from all the twelve images, with no other restrictions or guidelines about form, size or aesthetic purpose. The collaborators involved are diverse in background and vision, and include visual artists Catherine Lee, Michael Anthony Garcia, Shawn Smith, Maya Lawrence, w. tucker, Peggy Weiss, and Steve Wiman; composer Graham Reynolds; graphic designer DJ Stout; architect Emily Little; writer Teresa Elliott; and photographer/filmmaker Robert Ziebell.

This project's purpose is to engage the ideas of established artists to develop twelve unique works based on the same set of twelve images from Rino Pizzi’s body of work. It is an experiment in variations on a theme, as conceived and imagined through the eyes and aesthetic model of a diverse group of cultural leaders who have been encouraged to go beyond their specific media and establish an exchange with the medium of photography, which in this case was treated as raw material rather than complete works. Its focus will be on bringing together outstanding creative personalities in our community to engage in a conversation about art and collaboration.

Rino Pizzi has been promoting and producing unique collaborative work that challenged participating artists to explore different facets of their personal work for nearly a decade. From the publication of his collection of portraits "Objects of Affection" in 2009, followed by "The Mona Lisa Project" in 2011, transFIGURATION in 2013, and "ArtFiction" in 2016, Pizzi has furthered conversations on the nature of art history, memory, and the complex relationship of photography to other visual arts traditions. His collaborative projects have been shown in Museums and Galleries in Austin, Houston and Grand Rapids, MI, and were featured in the PBS documentary series "Arts in Context," directed by Karen Bernstein.



Artist statment:

The work begins unplanned. Line drawings, markings, painted strokes and scribbles are made with numerous mediums including oil, lumber stick, resin stick, charcoal, graphite and ink. I do the work mostly on older items that I purchase or find - such as old book covers and the pages of these books, kid's wood blocks, cabinet doors and table tops. I also work on items that I build or make - small cement pieces and standing wood or drywall/plaster boxes.

The drawings/markings are created with my non-dominant hand. The use of my left hand allows me to draw in an unpractied manner, with less fixed intention and control.

More recently the work has expanded from the 2-dimensional work to installations that include wall drawings, books and standing boxes. The wall drawings are transient, painted over when the installation is dismantled, having a beginning and an end. Books are either created or have been adapted from existing books - images are either added to the pages or pages are removed and new pages are stitched in. The boxes are an exploration of the work in 3 dimensions, of interior and exterior - a comment on what we present to the world and what we may choose to hide.

Over time I have realized that in the finished work I see aspects of our human condition - vulnerability, frailty, kindness, anger, frustration, humor, curiosity and relationship.  As well as glimpses of stories, moments, dilemmas that may represent how we approach or walk through life. 


     CV (selected)

Education               1982        BA, Drama, New York Universtiy, New York, NY

Solo Exhibitions      

                             2018        Conduit Gallery, Dallas, TX (Sept. 2018)

                             2017        "all that matters is the getting back up", 

                                             Koelsch Haus, Houston, TX

                             2016        "the captain asked for a show of hands"

                                             grayDuck Gallery, Austin, TX

                             2016        "a quiet moment", Koelsch Haus (formally

                                            Koelsch Gallery), Houston, TX

                             2015       "box, boxing, boxed", Conduit Gallery, Houston, TX

                             2014       "the day before, and the day before that", Koelsch

                                           Gallery, Houston, TX

                             2013       "the sound of a house", Koelsch Gallery,

                                           Houston, TX

                                           "if I knew I'd tell you", Conduit Gallery, Dallas, TX

                                           "remix", Blackbox, Austin, TX

                             2012       "to stand in a boat that floats", School of Art and

                                           Design, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX

                             2010       "how to draw", Conduit Gallery, Dallas, TX

                                           "books on a table, lines on a wall", Koelsch Gallery,

                                           Houston, TX

                             2008       "fragile", Conduit Gallery, Dallas, TX

                                            Koelsch Gallery, Houston, TX

                             2007       "lost & found", Conduit Gallery, Dallas, TX

Group Exhibitions    

                            2018       "Photo/Montage 12x x 12", grayDuck Gallery, Austin,

                                           TX  (Feb. 24)

                                          "Ears of Buddha", Koelsch Haus, Houston, TX

                                          (Feb. 17)

                             2017      "Sculp-chur", Dimension Gallery, Austin, TX